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My piano journey

There is music in every person, and it is my responsibility to help each student realize his/her musical dreams and goals.

Fundamentally I want my students to have a  positive learning experience that pushes each student to a level they never thought possible; to reach their highest versions of themselves.

I prepare each of our students with a solid foundation that lends itself to numerous non-musical benefits such as grit, determination, persistence, spatial reasoning, problem solving, self worth and more. I know how to teach and get results that last a lifetime.

Student Goals

  1. Musical literacy (Fundamentals)
  2. Enjoyment in the learning process (Grit!)
  3. Enriching public performances (Creativity)
  4. Inspired Learning (Passion)
  5. Doing something well (Pride)


The relationship of the teacher to the student and parents, or the adult enrolled, is key. Likewise, so is lesson attendance and consistency in home practice. Effort x Skill = Mastery. Studio use the following 6 quality controls to achieve the goals with each student:

  • Teacher/Student/Parent Goal Alignment
  • Consistent Lesson Attendance
  • Creative Solutions to Absences
  • Practice Chart (expectation of practice is 5 days per week)
  • Lesson Assignment Book
  • Lifetime Music Notebook (separate or at the back of your Assignment Book)

Project Outline

Many people ask what they can expect from us when starting their music lessons. It's a legitimate question, and one that I feel is  possible to answer in a more concrete way if we outline years of study. Here is an outline of what you can expect during your tenure with me:

Download by lesson 10 to 260 PDF

After Level 5, students should have enough information what they want to do, which usually result in two categories:

Category One – Continue piano lesson with a goal of not taking CM test. Yes, you hear me right, not taking test is also a very good goal! In fact, this is the goal for most musicians. It’s a level of mastery that is achieved which allows for incredible freedom to learn whatever one might want. Classical, jazz, or composition, lead sheet etc. This is when music learning really starts to become fun. Students have a solid skill set, many performances in their experience bank, and all kinds of creative opportunities to help spark their individual interests. More student input is encouraged during this time and requests are taken seriously.

Category Two – Continue piano lesson with a goal of taking CM test all the way to Level 10. Oddly enough, I found that it is harder to skip a level in CM test when students are in the lower level. When a student reach Level 5, it would  be very easy to skip to Level 7, or sometimes Level 8. According to the data that I collected from all my students over the years, it takes a shorter duration to go from Level 6 to Level 10 (total 5 levels) compare to Level Prep to Level 5 (total 6 levels) During this Level 6 to 10, students will be given flexible sheet music instead of following a certain method books. However, for the theory part, we will still following the books and no skipping level is allowed. Most likely your theory level will determine which CM Level you will take next year.

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