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My piano journey

Welcome to My Piano Journey

My Piano Journey offers a new and innovative piano curriculum has 30 books and covers 5 years of one-to-one piano lessons! Here are topics of what you will learn:

  • Why is the Dog so sad?
  • There are two Supercats - one can fly and another one can swim!
  • Along the journey to the Jungle, you will also learn about the Normal Cat.
  • How the Friendly Fish hides from the Angry Alligator, ETC...
It is so fun, easy and moderately pace, even a 3.5 years old can follow it!


  • To promote interest in music among students
  • To foster a community that value piano education
  • To teach in holistic approach to promote a love of learning and independence
  • To build a good relationship with students
  • To always have passion and patience towards students
  • To be flexible to suit student’s learning style and desire goals
  • To have open door policy towards parents and always honest in assessments and opinions
  • To teach in a balanced way between learning piano for fun and taking Certificate of Merits Piano Test

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